Is HCG a safe diet?

Are you really convinced with the constant barrage of HCG diet testimonials? This diet has become quite popular all over the internet, even though it came into the act over decades ago. The HCG is generally termed as Human Chorionic Gonadotroin and it is a hormone that is usually found in pregnant women and the main function of the HCG is that it is responsible for providing stored fat in order to feed the baby in the uterus. It restricts caloric intake while taking HCG drops or injecting the HCG hormone. It is generally taken for about 23 days but sometimes people stay on the diet unless they gain weight which they desired. This helps your body to keep it nourished and also leads to weight loss which is really very vital.

How does it work?

There are lots of consumers who have gained success which you can come across through the internet. Many consumers conveyed that this is not only sustainable but also quite effective in weight loss and releasing stored fat. Some of the user has lost near about 50 pounds with the help of HCG diet. Some of them also conveyed that this HCG diet was only little bit difficult to consume in the first few days, after that the extra pounds are being lost even without being feeling hungry. Experts approved HCG diet as the best and the most effective diet . Moreover, there is no long term side effects has ever recorded while consuming this HCG diet. The consumers can lose weight very quickly because of the ability of the consumers to stick with the 500 calorie diet.

Whether the HCG diet is safe or not?

This issue is not at all based on the research of utilizing the HCG hormone for loss of weight; the diet too is really a big cause of concern. The HCG supporters do claim that this specific hormone not only helps in the burning of fats stored in the body but also quite effective in suppressing your appetite. It also provides the consumer with all the essential calories they need. Most of the experts do believe that you may risk yourself to become malnourished by consuming this diet. This diet only provides the consumer with only 500 calories per day of fruits, proteins and few vegetables.
The thing is maybe you are losing weight but you are making your body with insufficient amount of calories. A normal body requires near about 1200 calories per day. And insufficient calories in a body can lead to starvation. If you are a consumer you must keep in mind that your body not only requires calories but also it requires a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Deficiency of these things can lead to various health problems. Another thing you must keep in mind is that you must consume only the amount of dosage which is being prescribed by the doctor. Don’t go for any other companies other than the prescribed one.
What is best for you?
While this HGC is being proposed and approved by the FDA for the fertility treatment and thus it can be prescribed by the doctor. Most of the experts are talking about using the HCG diet for weight loss as there is not enough reason proving this HCG diet is safe. Everyone knows that the condition of the pregnant women is totally different from the normal women.
In case of a pregnant woman, her entire body functions totally differently, so it is really a big thing to assume that injecting the HCG hormone will turn her body into a fat burning furnace. Secondly, as a consumer you may be wasting huge amount of money. Buying all the HCG injections and drops is not at all cheap and research showed that a woman has lost the same amount of weight when she is injected with a salt water injection.
The main point about the HCG diet is that it is manipulating the consumers to provide them the feeling that they are consuming something different, powerful and effective. In fact, they are consuming a thing which is nothing but a placebo. The best way to weight loss is by consuming a sensible diet and performing the appropriate exercise.

What HCG diet is best?

Everybody dreams to lose calories in order to be slimmer and get a good figure. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, but choosing the write one is very necessary as it will not only fetch quick results but also, it will make the person spend a minimum amount of money. One of the best diets of them is probably the HCG diet technique. The full form of the term is HCG is Human Chronic Gonadotropin. This HCG diet can be consumed in a number of ways which are injections, pills, drops etc. A little information about this diet is given below.

What HCG diet is best?

What HCG diet actually is?

This diet actually provides a dramatic weight loss, which can be equal to one pound in a single day. But the astonishing fact about this diet is that, no doctors can find the fact behind the efficiency of the diet. But it is believed by some people that, the secret behind this diet lies in the fact that this diet has caloric limitation and thus it helps in weight loss, but HCG hormones do not play any role in this. But a few things should be kept in mind before adopting this diet plan and they are one cannot consume oil while this diet is going on, nor they can use any kind of body lotions too.

They can only consume a particular type of food which can be vegetable or non-veg foods, the details are said in the next paragraphs though. Another strange thing in this diet is that, one cannot do exercise while this diet is adopted. But the only problem if the diet is that there is no prescription which provides the information about this diet. Thus they are consumed in a random manner. But there are other aspects which make this diet plan the best. They are as follows.

Non vegetarian foods in HCG diet

The HCG diet is extremely helpful because it consists of only 500 calories each day which are selected from particular kinds of foods. The diet actually consists of high protein, foods with very less carbs and sugar containing foods, the sugar content is zero in maximum cases. As the food in the HCG diet is fulfilled with protein, they allow the consumers to work more and feel more fulfilled while doing their work. Not only, they provide enough amount of energy, they also cease the users from consuming more food and thus it actually help the persons taking this diet in the long run.

The protein in this food consists of beef which is almost 3.5 ounces and they actually appear as cube steaks, veal or ground beef and even in round beef form. If people do not prefer beef as the source of protein, they can even get it in other forms which can be seafood, chicken which contains lesser amounts of saturated fat, as compared to beef. Selected fishes are also selected for this diet which includes cod, tilapia, crab, haddock, halibut, shrimp, lobster etc.

Vegetarian foods in HCG diets

Let alone non veg foods, veg foods like vegetable can also be great sources of protein for this diet. But fruits actually contain more calories compared to vegetables because they contain a wide variety of things which are fructose or fruit sugar in diverse amounts and thus fruits are also kept in HCG dieting plan in most cases. But they should be consumed in the right amounts to get the best results. The fruits which are good sources of HCG diet are oranges, apples, grapefruits and strawberries. Once a person is over with low calorie phase of the HCG diet, one should be sure that they consume fruits and different types of berries for getting vitamins, minerals and other important things like antioxidants.


The foods which are mentioned above are approved solely for customary five hundred calorie HCG diet. It has been observed since last few decades that people face rapid as well as save weightless with this diet. The most important thing about this HCG diet is that, they can enjoy this diet plan without keeping apart all kinds of delicious foods from the life. Everybody can lead a healthy lifestyle by sticking to the items which are approved as HCG diets. Thus HCG diets are best and the best HCG diets for non-vegetarian people is beef and for people, who are vegetarians is fruits and vegetables. Thus the best choice of HCG diet will vary from one person to another but there is no doubt that HCG diet is the best.

Why does HCG cause weight loss?

The HCG drops are generally termed as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and it is a kind of hormone that is present in both men and in women. The HCG hormones are produced in large amounts in case of the pregnant females. During the time of pregnancy, this HCG substance totally controls the metabolic function of the woman’s body. In case of the non-pregnant woman, reports conveyed that HCG increases the metabolic activities of the body. In this weight loss activity, a very less amount of HCG is used in order to stimulate the body so that it can burn all the fat cells for regaining energy when the body is consuming very low amount of calorie diet. Thus it can lead to an average amount of weight loss of 2 to 3 lbs per day.

HCG Diet
HCG perform the several functions

The injection that is consumed with the low calorie diet thus forces the body to burn and release all the stored fat in the body. Intake of the HCG usually triggers the hypothalamus of the human brain to use stored, unused fats for its important energy source. This permits the human body to burn near about 2000 calories of fat per day. When the fats are converted into calories there are proteins, vitamins and minerals present in the fat tissue are returned back to the human body.

And for that particular reason you do not feel that much hungrier and run down as the body is running on the stored fat. The hypothalamus started to perform and reset your body to new weight. This helps the consumer to maintain the losing of weight and also do not allow the body to experience other effects. These HCG drops when combined with lower amount of calorie diet allows the body to remove all the unnatural stored fat and also keep the structural fat and muscles in appropriate order.

Loosing weight with a low calorie diet

You can lose weight, but you can not do so with the stored fat present in your body. Every human body possesses a natural protective mechanism which is being secreted in order to store fat so that it can prevent the body from death and starvation. When someone tries to reduce or remove extra calorie in order to lose weight, this will burn the normal stored fats. After all the fats are used up, the body will start burning up the structural fat. The last thing is that the body will utilize its abnormal storage of fat. Most of the HCG consumers stated that they have lost only 1 to 2 lbs per day. Fiber and water intake is simultaneously very important.

HCG Diet
Losing weight with the HCG injection

HCG weight loss studies showed that weight loss generally occurs due to the protocol that comes from the adipose fat tissue rather than from the lean muscle fibers. The weight loss directly occurs from the fat and also does not strip the human body of the important and much needed muscle, minerals and vitamins which are essential for maintaining proper health. At the same time, releasing the excess fat soluble nutrients into the blood stream can be absorbed by the human body. HCG consumers conveyed that they started to feel great and also gained a good posture. There is in fact negligible negative impact on the body.

Consuming low calorie diet

HCG diet injections when injected into the body can cause the hypothalamus to mobilize the fat from the fat storage regions so that it can be utilized. When you are taking a low calorie diet, the hypothalamus keeps on releasing the storage fat present in the body. And for that reason, your body is utilizing huge calories per day and thus leads to weight loss per day.

Safety and side effects of HCG

There is very few side effects are reported till date while using HCG items for weight loss. When the injections are used the fertility purposes, the consumer may suffer from occasional headaches, other health related problems. Since the low calorie diet offers only 500 calories per day which is not at all sufficient for normal body consumption. This can leads to malnutrition and starvation.

Top Equipment for Muscle Builders

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Shoulder Press Machine

This one is perfect for those wanting to work their deltoids, their upper pectorals as well as their triceps. A shoulder press machine has the same advantages as the chest press machine but gives you a little bonus. In fact, this is highly ideal after doing dumbbell shoulder presses.

Gyms commonly do not have shoulder press machines, making it difficult to life heavy weights and so getting one can be good for you. When performing a machine shoulder press, simply adjust the seat and set the handles below your motion range before starting the press the weight up. As with chest press machine, you can perform 8 to 20 reps per set.

Lat Tower

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Leg Press

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Losing weight is a great concern faced globally by many people. This problem has been bothering a lot of people each day on how to get rid of that extra weight. However, you can naturally get rid of that weight through the use of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) drops. Notably, HCG is a hormone that works with the brain part known as hypothalamus so as to regulate metabolism, cravings and energy.

HCG drops can save you money if you have been spending hundreds of dollars each month visiting doctor and being given expensive prescription shots. Many people are much worried on the best HCG drops on the market 2014. However, this article will exclusively explore three best HCG drops that you can consider in losing weight.

Notably, finding the right HCG product can be a challenge for you since there are many HCG products available on the market, and this gives you confusion when it comes to comparing them. However, ensure that you consider the following factors when you are shopping around for this product.

Cost. Make sure you know the cost and compare to other HCG products so that you purchase the one that is suitable to you depending on your budget.

Support. Ensure that the company provides all the information that you need so as you can easily follow their recommended diet plan along with this product.

Return policy. Make sure you know if your money can be refunded if the desired results are not achieved or if you are not satisfied with the HCG product for any reason.

However, if you use these drops together with a good diet plan, you will not struggle anymore with losing weight since its promised effectiveness is delivered without any delay. Also, this product is very safe for you to use because its ingredients do not have side effects to your body. After you have considered the above factors, ensure you choose and buy the best HCG drops on the market 2014 that are discussed below.


HCG complex

This product is the fastest in terms of acquiring the desired results. Notably, you can lose up to a pound a day since the product came up with homeopathic HCG drop which you are required to take under your tongue. However, this unique formulation works by allowing your tongue to absorb the solutions thus providing tons of benefits to your body.

Also, if you are not satisfied with its results, you will get your money back since it has 100% money back guarantee. Therefore, consider purchasing this product since your money will be safe with the guarantee of getting your money back. Notably, you will be given access to quick start guides, menus and recipes that will help you with your chosen HCG diet.

Therefore, it is recommended you consider this product since its results are acquired faster than any other product. Also, it is safe to use since it has superior quality of ingredients.

HCG 1234

This HCG 1234 name was made to incorporate four things that you will find in the HCG program. These things include:

(1) charts

(2) recipes

(3) support, and

(4) instruction.

However, if you put these 1234 considerations together, you will get the target of losing one pound each day. Therefore, ensure you purchase it so that you can achieve the results of losing weight very fast. Notably, this product has good quality of ingredients hence making it very safe for you to use.

HCG Amino Plus

This product is formulated with seven amino acids that helps in boosting fat burning in your body. Also, these amino acids increases the rate of metabolism and the energy level in your body so as you can achieve the desired results very quickly.

Notably, this product stabilizes your metabolism hence making it easier for you not to regain that unwanted weight again. Therefore, ensure you purchase it and you will be surprised with its effective results since it has good quality of ingredients.

Therefore, HCG drops are the best weight loss solution that you can consider if you want to get rid of that stressing weight. Also, the solutions are very safe to use since they have good quality of ingredients and gives the body a wide array of benefits. Notably, you can buy this products through online which allows you to compare several products within a short period of time. On the other hand, if you shop for the product at a local store, you will be limited to a very small brands and products selection.Website